NWT announced that it will cease on 31 October 2015.


Kia ora, 

Recently I announced that we have decided to end NWT.   This is a decision I hoped to have never been in a position to make, however I have had to rethink somethings through and this was sure on top of the list. 

NWT has achieved more than it was set out to do. i.e. 

  • Family Support
  • Relief / Trauma Support
  • Social Outings and Picnics
  • Financial Service & Support 
  • Inter-family Social Events and more 
  • Family Reunion with the wider family

It was anticipated the organization would deliver on less services than it had and over a 10 year period, rather than the six years it took to accomplish it all.  Its a sad day for some, but a great achievement for all. 
Ngatai Whanau Tatou and members have always been proud to have been able to achieve all it has, and always will be - This is testament to the fact that this was and always has been a successful idea that grew to be more than just an idea. - We owe it all to our CEO, managers, members, supporters, and everyone who helped, communicated, liked and made it possible for us to achieve all we have. -Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....

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